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S2: Jessica Robinson Intro: Bonfires on the Move#45

Jessica Robinson

Bonfires on the Move!  Technology solving mobility issues! Meet the new host of Bonfires on the Move,  Jessica Robinson.  Jessica and Romy discuss her new segment and the types of guests she will be interviewing. As technology is used to solve mobility issues, Jessica will be bringing front-line trends and fresh ideas to our listeners.…

S2: Hopeful Harvest with Chris Nemeth serving Detroit Food Manufacturing#44


  Chris Nemeth of Hopeful Harvest   Romy interviews Chris Nemeth of social enterprise Hopeful Harvest on Season 2 episode.  Chris gives an important look inside his operation and openly discusses the challenges of launching this type of endeavor and the challenges that arrive when growth happens quickly. Learn about his grand plans, the broader…

S2: Mile High Workshop in Denver, Colorado#43

mhw_logo (3)

Social Enterprise manufacturing in Denver, Colorado Incredible interview by Romy with Jeremy Katz and Andy Magel of the Mile High Workshop in Denver Colorado.  Listen in on how Jeremy and Andy are provided jobs to those with barriers to employment all while providing critical manufacturing services to the social entrepreneurial community.  The Mile High Workshop…

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About The Blog


I begin this blog with great humility. I do not believe I know anymore than others on the topic of social enterprise or impact investing. However, I do my best to pay attention most of the time. After 26 years of observing I have learned a few things. Some of the learnings are sad. Some…

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Social Enterprise Definitions Restore the Honor of Profit


Is it possible that the attempt to define social enterprise has restored the honor of profit today? It appears to be a trend from my perspective. Establishing a definition of social enterprise has been both exciting and frustrating. Just ask anyone who has been participating in any of these conversations for the last 5 years.…

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Garage Bands of Social Enterprise


I love garage bands. I love the whole concept of a couple of people gathering together in a small space to create some music. I love the idea of practicing a passion and trying something together. Sometimes the fun is just getting together to play. Sometimes, it is that moment when someone tries something and…

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Proving Concepts in Social Enterprise


Does it seem like it is taking longer than usual for supporters to ‘buy-in’ to your social enterprise? You may be right on track. Since this blog is about trends and patterns I observe, I am going to tackle this one and shine some light on it. Lately, I am running into people in the…

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