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Season 1: Pivot Point#31

Upcycling People and Things Romy Gingras, the host of The Bonfires of Social Enterprise podcast, visited Tim Adams, in Midland, Michigan. Midland is the home of a new program of the 1016 Recovery Network, called Pivot Point. Adams is 1016’s director of recovery enterprises. He and Romy talk about all the services Pivot Point provides…

Season 1: Elvis & Kresse, London#26

Elvis & Kresse Make Beautiful Things Out of Discarded Fire Hoses The Bonfires of Social Enterprise with Romy Gingras talks with Kresse Wesling, who, with her love, Elvis (James) Henrit own Elvis & Kresse. Kresse says she upcycles instead of recycles. She and Romy talk about why she works with discarded fire hoses and where…

Season 1: Field Notes- Taking The Bait#22

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“The Bait of the New Grape,” is part of a series of “Field Notes and Tips”, presented by The Bonfires of Social Enterprise. Romy talks about entrepreneuers taking the bait of wanting to do more to help their customers or clients. But, unforunately, they sacrifice the time and cash they need to keep their current businesses going.

Season 1: City Girls Soap#21

Goat farming in Pontiac. It’s about making products with that milk, using the goats to eat the overgrowth of a previously vacant lot to restore the landscape to it’s native messa-plain state. But more importantly, it’s about building a social enterprise while cuddling up with a kid or two! In this episode of Bonfires of…

Season 1: Field Notes & Tips – Natural Data#20

This is the first of a series of “Field Notes & Tips,” from Romy Gingras, of Gingras Global Group, and the host of The Bonfires of Social Enterprise podcast. In this episode Romy takes the stress out of gathering data that some impact investors and funders often request from social enterprises, and other types of…

Season 1: Karen Buscemi-Detroit Fashion#17

Romy Gingras’ Bonfires Podcast features Karen Buscemi, who is working to create Detroit’s first ever Garment District.

Season 1: Social-Sushi-Detroit#12

Romy Gingras talks with Jay Rayford about Social-Sushi, a pop-up caterer that brought a taste for sushi to Detroit’s up and comers who are working to rebuild neighborhoods and communities in Detroit.