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S3: Basil and Investing at Artesian Farms #78

Artesian farms social media

Jeff Adams of Artesian Farms On this episode, Romy catches back up with Jeff Adams of Artesian Farms in Detroit. She interviewed him in Season 1, and his hydroponics facility has changed immensely. Jeff has had a lot of investor engagement. He has taken on program-related investments, loans, and direct equity. It has been an…

S2: Veronika Scott of The Empowerment Plan Detroit #42

Veronika Scott of The Empowerment Plan

¬† ¬†Veronika Scott Veronika Scott of The Empowerment Plan shares her missional journey of discovering her passion for creating employment for the homeless. She courageously dives into human dignity issues and leads the way for many social entrepreneurs. Get inspired!   Ending Song curated by Assemble Sound is titled Have Mercy by Eryn Allen Kane.…

S2 – Announcement #41


            Season Two Announcement for the Bonfires of Social Enterprise Podcast!   Listen in and hear about the upcoming changes and guests for Season Two. Lots of fun!

Season 1: Bamboo Detroit#24


Exploring a Collaborative Workspace In Downtown Detroit The Bonfires of Social Enterprise visits with Bamboo Detroit,a business incubator site in a historic Detroit building. Romy talks about why this place has a more “homey” feel to it than other businesses like it, with Bamboo Detroit’s “Community Lady’ Amanda Lewan. Despite it’s name, Detroit Bamboo isn’t…

Season 1: Welding Artisan Center of Detroit #7

Welding Artisan Center Interview with Gary Hendrickson An introduction to the social enterprise by co-founder Gary Hendrickson. Businessman Gary Hendrickson and partner, Don Martin, decided to open up a welding training certification center in Detroit to find a way to help the at-risk urban youth gain skilled trade certifications. Learn about the center and gallery…