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S3: Detroit S.O.A.R. – Sisters On A Roll, Mobile Cafe’ #85

Detroit S.O.A.R. – Sisters On A Roll, Mobile Cafe’ Hey there, I am back with another guest from the great city of Detroit. This is Romy, and I have the pleasure of introducing you to Chef Bee and Jasmine of social enterprise Detroit S.O.A.R!  They have an inspiring story of joining together around health food…

S2: Southwest Solutions of Detroit#50

Romy interviews John Van Kamp of Southwest Solutions. John has been the leader and visionary of Southwest Solutions since 1973 and has successfully established a village of partners to address mental health issues. The incredible collaboration and partnering led initiatives into entrepreneurship and other related systemic change. This is an incredible story of community partnering and change!

S2: Veronika Scott of The Empowerment Plan Detroit #42

   Veronika Scott Veronika Scott of The Empowerment Plan shares her missional journey of discovering her passion for creating employment for the homeless. She courageously dives into human dignity issues and leads the way for many social entrepreneurs. Get inspired!   Ending Song curated by Assemble Sound is titled Have Mercy by Eryn Allen Kane.…

Season 1: A Visit to LA’s Downtown Women’s Center#39

Bonfires LA-Downtown Women’s Center Made by DWC – A Few Steps off Skid Row The Bonfires of Social Enterprise continues its series of stories inspired by Romy’s recent visit to LA, and her visit with attorney Cecily Jackson-Zapata, of the Sustainable Law Group. Joe Altepeter, Director of Vocational Education and Social Enterprise at the Downtown…

Season 1: Buckets of Rain Detroit#33

This episode of the Bonfires of Social Enterprise emphasises the social. Listen how faith-based and big corporations are helping Buckets of Rain feed shelters.