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S3: Impact Crushin’ – Top Six Countdown #66

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Season 3: Top Six Impact Crushin’ BEhaviors   Welcome to Season Three of the Bonfires of Social Enterprise! This is Romy, and I am the host of today’s episode that we are calling ‘Impact Crush!’  We are doing a Top 6 countdown on behaviors we are crushin’ on. And, at the end, we are going…

S2: Ginny Fischbach of Impact100 on Impact Investing Inglenook #58


Romy interviews the founder of Impact 100 Oakland County (Michigan), Ginny Fischbach. What happens when 100 women put $1000 each together for a community good?

S2: Impact Investing Inglenook with Tom Doescher #55

DA_-_Barbara_&_Tom_November_2014 (1)

Romy catches Impact Investor, Tom Doescher , for an interesting conversation on how he thinks about laser outcomes of creating and keeping jobs, the opportunity for impact in Flint and why advisor support is so critical in impact investing. Tom leaves the conversation with great advice for people transitioning from traditional careers to supporting impact investing as a second stage career. Listen for the great artist, Eryn Allen Kane, and her song, Sunday, to close the episode.

Season 1: Catherine Johnson#34


Catherine Johnson, Assistant Director of the University of Michigan Center for Social Impact Catherine Johnson came home to Michigan, from Portland, Oregon, to take an important job. She’s the assistant director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Social Impact, which is “housed” at the Ross School of Business. This episode of the Bonfires of…

Season 1: Give Lyrics#32


Detroit music scene pro, April Woodard is the winner of this summer’s Detroit StartUp Weekend contest. That’s where she met Romy Gingras, of the Bonfires of Social Enterprise podcast. Romy and April talk about her award winning idea, called “Give Lyrics.”

Season 1: Pivot Point#31


Upcycling People and Things Romy Gingras, the host of The Bonfires of Social Enterprise podcast, visited Tim Adams, in Midland, Michigan. Midland is the home of a new program of the 1016 Recovery Network, called Pivot Point. Adams is 1016’s director of recovery enterprises. He and Romy talk about all the services Pivot Point provides…

Season 1: Garage Bands – Field Notes#30


Field Notes and Tips – A Series of Special Lessons from The Bonfires of Social Enterprise This is another of an occasional podcast by the Bonfires of Social Enterprise, and Romy Gingras of Gingras Global, that’s filed under Field Notes and Tips. In this episode, Romy talks to social enterprise owners who worry about being…

Season 1: Detroit Ento#25


Don’t Step on That Bug! They’re Making Food & Medicine Out of Them! Detroit Ento is a a research and development firm that is doing research on all the things humankind can do with bugs, from crickets to meely worms to maggots, and more. Really. It’s about creating protein rich powders and other products from…

Season 1: Field Notes- Taking The Bait#22

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“The Bait of the New Grape,” is part of a series of “Field Notes and Tips”, presented by The Bonfires of Social Enterprise. Romy talks about entrepreneuers taking the bait of wanting to do more to help their customers or clients. But, unforunately, they sacrifice the time and cash they need to keep their current businesses going.

Season 1: Field Notes & Tips – Natural Data#20


This is the first of a series of “Field Notes & Tips,” from Romy Gingras, of Gingras Global Group, and the host of The Bonfires of Social Enterprise podcast. In this episode Romy takes the stress out of gathering data that some impact investors and funders often request from social enterprises, and other types of…

Season 1: Build Institute-Detroit#16


Training The Next Gen of Detroit’s Business Owners The Build Institute of Detroit is the focus of this episode of the Bonfires of Social Enterprise. Host Romy Gingras, of Gingras Global, talks about programs, that over 450 business owners have taken, at the Build Institute in Detroit. Institute co-founder April Jones Boyle serves on various…