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S2: Chelsea Koglmeier of O.R.O. – Jessica Robinson of Bonfires on the Move! #56

Chelsea Koglmeier

Chelsea Koglmeier, founder of Bikes ORO, joins us on this episode for a conversation about bicycles as a vehicle for social change. Her own product is a bicycle that’s thoughtfully designed with inspired simplicity and beautiful utility to make riding simple and fun. By partnering with World Bicycle Relief, she has also built a social mission into the core of the company, proving that bikes can be engines of social and economic change for people globally, enabling kids to get to school, families to access professional opportunities, and anyone to reach quality health clinics.

S2: Jessica Robinson Intro: Bonfires on the Move#45

Jessica Robinson

Bonfires on the Move!  Technology solving mobility issues! Meet the new host of Bonfires on the Move,  Jessica Robinson.  Jessica and Romy discuss her new segment and the types of guests she will be interviewing. As technology is used to solve mobility issues, Jessica will be bringing front-line trends and fresh ideas to our listeners.…

Season 1: SPLT Rideshare#23


Romy Gingras, host of the Bonfires of Social Enterprise, introduces us to the team behind a brand new app,SPLT Rideshare. Splitting Fares. She met them through an organization called Techstars Mobility, which is mentorship driven business incubator, with locations in cities throughout the U.S. Romy’s venture into the field found her in Ford Field, the…