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S3: Jay Rayford of Social Sushi #76

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Jay Rayford of Social Sushi Jay Rayford of Social Sushi catches us up on all of the changes in his social enterprise. He and his bigger team of four have been the champions of proving out your product through pop-ups!  You will hear how they really built a large following before even opening their restaurant.…

S2: Jessica Robinson Intro: Bonfires on the Move#45

Jessica Robinson

Bonfires on the Move!  Technology solving mobility issues! Meet the new host of Bonfires on the Move,  Jessica Robinson.  Jessica and Romy discuss her new segment and the types of guests she will be interviewing. As technology is used to solve mobility issues, Jessica will be bringing front-line trends and fresh ideas to our listeners.…

Season 1: Bonfires-Los Angeles, A Preview#29

A Short Podcast to Preview Upcoming Episodes Recorded in L.A.   This is a short podcast from The Bonfires of Social Enterprise, a preview of upcoming episodes about Romy Gingras’ visit to Los Angeles. Romy discusses the inspiring social entrepreneurs whom she met at the invitation of Cecily Jackson-Zapata of the Sustainable Law Group. Jackson-Zapata…

Season 1: Field Notes- Taking The Bait#22

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“The Bait of the New Grape,” is part of a series of “Field Notes and Tips”, presented by The Bonfires of Social Enterprise. Romy talks about entrepreneuers taking the bait of wanting to do more to help their customers or clients. But, unforunately, they sacrifice the time and cash they need to keep their current businesses going.

Season 1: Karen Buscemi-Detroit Fashion#17


Romy Gingras’ Bonfires Podcast features Karen Buscemi, who is working to create Detroit’s first ever Garment District.

Season 1: Welding Artisan Center Part 2#15


Romy and WAC’s Gary Hendrickson discuss the challenges of acquiring graffiti filled surplus property from the City of Detroit, and the extensive training the Welding Artisan Center gives to it’s students.

Season 1: Social-Sushi-Detroit#12

Romy Gingras talks with Jay Rayford about Social-Sushi, a pop-up caterer that brought a taste for sushi to Detroit’s up and comers who are working to rebuild neighborhoods and communities in Detroit.