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I begin this blog with great humility. I do not believe I know anymore than others on the topic of social enterprise or impact investing. However, I do my best to pay attention most of the time. After 26 years of observing I have learned a few things. Some of the learnings are sad. Some are exciting. And, some of our learning is outright hilarious. I love people and I love that we attempt. If we were all robots and predictable this would not be the amazing creative landscape we call social enterprise. I find hearts of passion and courage on the front lines daily and it is addictive.

The requests have come over the past few years to blog and I would decline. It would be the rare case that I felt I could contribute to such a pioneering and adventurous landscape. The field of social enterprise seemed to be changing by the moment as patterns were revealed or a large organization would decide on a definition and declare it to the rest of us. It felt, at best, arrogant to put something in writing; to offer an opinion from my perspective.

I have recently changed my mind on this subject as it has come to my attention that we have a lot of information that can be shared. We have a lot more than I thought. Suddenly, it felt possessive to withhold it.

It is the practice of our firm to pay attention and record what we see, hear, and understand. It is for this reason that we have been able to create products and services to fill gaps and assist with the overall development of the social enterprise industry.

So, I will share my ‘truth-of-the-moment’ as our team observes it at this point in time.

It is my hope that you will engage with us and share your thoughts and observations so that we can all grow and learn together.

Thanks for engaging. Forge on!

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