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Season 1: Field Notes & Tips – Natural Data#20

logo for Bonfires of Social Enterprise’s Field Notes and Tips This is the first of a series of “Field Notes & Tips,” from Romy Gingras, of Gingras Global Group, and the host of The Bonfires of Social Enterprise podcast. In this episode Romy takes the stress out of gathering data that some impact investors and…

Season 1: Kicks 4 Kids Foundation#19

How A Teacher Provides Athletic Shoes for Children The Kicks for Kids Foundation Romy visits her friend Chekeita Jones in Pontiac, Michigan. Ms. Jones is a teacher and talks about what inspired her to create the Kicks 4 Kids Foundation, which gives brand named sneakers for needy children. Romy and Chekeita talk about the impact…

Season 1: Lips & Hips#18

From “Sista Suppers,” to business skills training, Romy Gingras talks about what inspired Lips & Hips founder, Yodit Mesfin Johnson, to roll up her sleeves and, “create a space where girls and women could dream, plan and do what they are supposed to do. Lips & Hips is a company focused on women’s personal leardership development.” For more information on other podcasts please visit us on:

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Season 1: Build Institute-Detroit#16

Training The Next Gen of Detroit’s Business Owners The Build Institute of Detroit is the focus of this episode of the Bonfires of Social Enterprise. Host Romy Gingras, of Gingras Global, talks about programs, that over 450 business owners have taken, at the Build Institute in Detroit. Institute co-founder April Jones Boyle serves on various…

Season 1: Social-Sushi-Detroit#12

Romy Gingras talks with Jay Rayford about Social-Sushi, a pop-up caterer that brought a taste for sushi to Detroit’s up and comers who are working to rebuild neighborhoods and communities in Detroit.

Season 1: His Hands Auto Care#11

Romy Gingras visits this unique garage in Midland, Michigan that is one of the ministries of the Messiah Church. She talks about the social impact of discounted auto service, and finding affordable vehicles for low-income community members. Romy surprises the managers of this garage by telling them that they are, indeed, a Social Enterprise business.…

Season 1: Nate Griswold-Inhabitect#10

Traverse City based Nate Griswold, owner of Inhabitect builds green roofs.Romy Gingras visited with Nate in a re-purposed Traverse City landmark to learn more social enterprise aspects of his small business. Social Enterprise is the most rapidly growing business sector in the United States. They are known for employing people who typically have a hard…

Season 1: Vehicle City Tacos – Part 2#8

In part two of Romy’s talk with Vehicle City Tacos she finds out what gourmet dishes are being dispensed out of the food truck, in Flint, Michigan. VCT is owned by Flint enthusiasts who are getting people outdoors, away from their bar stools and TV sets and couches, and feeding them great, locally sourced food.

Season 1: Welding Artisan Center of Detroit #7

Welding Artisan Center Interview with Gary Hendrickson An introduction to the social enterprise by co-founder Gary Hendrickson. Businessman Gary Hendrickson and partner, Don Martin, decided to open up a welding training certification center in Detroit to find a way to help the at-risk urban youth gain skilled trade certifications. Learn about the center and gallery…

Season 1: Vehicle City Tacos – Part 1#6

Vehicle City Tacos – Part 1 An introduction to the social enterprise and interview with the founder about his hip and energetic food truck renovating the community of Flint, Michigan. Dan discusses the origin of the idea and business model. This is part one of a two part introduction.

Season 1: Bonfires of Social Enterprise Intro: Romy Gingras#5

Bonfires of Social Enterprise Intro: Romy Gingras Storytelling by Romy Gingras about the Social Enterprise activity in Detroit and broader Michigan. Romy Gingras, Managing Partner, of Gingras Global, LLC and Gingras Global Groups, L3C has been in the financial industry since 1988 and has a passion for efficient, profitable, social enterprises and the impact investors…

Season 1- Amy Peterson of Rebel Nell, L3C Detroit #1

Interview with Amy Peterson of Rebel Nell, L3C An introduction to the social enterprise making jewelry from the fallen graffiti of Detroit and employing women from the homeless shelter. Learn how Amy began her business along with her grand plans to help homeless women learn the retail business and launch into their own endeavors.

Season 1- Jeff Adams of Artesian Farms of Detroit #4

Interview with Jeff Adams of Artesian Farms of Detroit An introduction to the social enterprise by farmer founder, Jeff Adams.  The interview explores the rationale of the hydroponics business and the social impact of hiring within the local neighborhood of Brightmoor.

Season 1: Josh York of York Project, LLC#3

Interview with founder Josh York of York Project, LLC An introduction to the social enterprise and interview with the MSU junior on his hat making business and heart for the homeless. Josh explains his humble beginnings and growth plans to hire the homeless. Selling hats around the world.

Season 1- Christian Birky of Lazlo, LLC Detroit #2

Interview with Founder Christian Birky of Lazlo, LLC An introduction to the social enterprise and interview with the founder, designer, model, and Princeton grad, Christian Birky. Hear the story about the making of a high end men’s T-shirt and how he plans to bring fashion manufacturing to Detroit and reduce the mistreatment of human beings…