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Season 1: Bonfires-Los Angeles, A Preview#29

A Short Podcast to Preview Upcoming Episodes Recorded in L.A.


This is a short podcast from The Bonfires of Social Enterprise, a preview of upcoming episodes about Romy Gingras’ visit to Los Angeles.

Romy discusses the inspiring social entrepreneurs whom she met at the invitation of Cecily Jackson-Zapata of the Sustainable Law Group. Jackson-Zapata is the a director of the L.A. Kitchen, and Vice Chair of the Sustainable Enterprise Alliance of Los Angeles.

Romy also had the chance to talk with Andrew Park of men’s clothier Urbane and Gallant as well as L.A. Kitchen founder and director Robert Egger.

Be sure to check out our updated podcast feeds! Listen to Romy and Cecily co-interviewing Andrew Park of Urbane + Gallant, and talk about their experiences visiting Skid Row and the Downtown Women’s Center. Hear their conversation with the L-A Kitchen’s Robert Eggers.