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Season 1: Elvis & Kresse, London#26


Elvis & Kresse Make Beautiful Things Out of Discarded Fire Hoses

The Bonfires of Social Enterprise with Romy Gingras talks with Kresse Wesling, who, with her love, Elvis (James) Henrit own Elvis & Kresse. Kresse says she upcycles instead of recycles. She and Romy talk about why she works with discarded fire hoses and where she first found them.

Elvis & Kresse has become well known for their sturdy belts, wallets, luggage and other products. The company donates 50% of their profits to fire fighter related charities in the UK. Romy and Kresse talk about the pros and cons of working with family; the tons and tons of fire hoses that get discarded and her hopes to expand her company, one day, to North America. They also touch briefly about how Kresse met Elvis in Hong Kong.

Kresse Wesling has been honored by the British monarchy for her work with social enterprises. In 2012 Kresse was awarded by Queen Elizabeth II the title of Member of the Order of the British Empire: an honor given to a person by the Queen for a particular achievement. Sources : Canada Gazette and The Financial Times of the UK
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