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Season 1: Owen & Abbey#35


Creating Tables and Accessories from Reclaimed Lumber from Detroit and other Michigan Cities

Kimberly Watts shared her story that takes the phrase, “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” to a whole new level. She explains how she added table maker and social entrepreneur to her impressive resume that includes more than 25 years in marketing, operations and financial development. She’s the owner and chief sander, wood carver and hole driller of Owen & Abbey. Watts tells Romy Gingras why she decided that she needed to take on the role of woodworker after an unhappy shopping experience for a table. Now she makes tables and an assortment of home furnishings from wood reclaimed from deconstructed homes in Detroit and Pontiac. Romy Gingras, of Gingras Global, sat across the very first table Watts created from reclaimed wood. She explained where the name Owen and Abbey came from, and the personal experiences that brought her to a new career as a social entrepreneur.

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