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S3: Impact Crushin’ – Top Six Countdown #66

Season 3: Top Six Impact Crushin’ BEhaviors


Welcome to Season Three of the Bonfires of Social Enterprise!

This is Romy, and I am the host of today’s episode that we are calling ‘Impact Crush!’  We are doing a Top 6 countdown on behaviors we are crushin’ on. And, at the end, we are going to leave you with the most popular artist and song from Season 2- a real crowd favorite!

You might be wondering who ‘WE’ is….The WE is me, Romy, and my partner, Natalie Hazen. Welcome Natalie!

Romy: Natalie, what do you say, we move into the Top 6 countdown?

Natalie: Let’s do it!


Romy: Okay, here we go…


Romy: Here is the Impact Crush Countdown- Top 6 Impact BE-haviors we have a Crush on over here.


Natalie: Number 6!  BE HAPPY for others. Their success does not leave less room for yours.

Romy: lots of room for all of us to be successful!

Natalie: Number 5! BE AUTHENTIC.

Romy: The world is full of copies! Your originality and unique purpose are critical to the overall survival of social enterprise. Now, we don’t mean stick out in a crowd just to draw attention to yourself. I mean, if you need to be separate because it is part of who are, then do it!  Just do it in love


Natalie: Number 4!  BE A PRACTIONER. Practice your craft, practice your pitch, practice your operations, practice your speaking, practice, practice, practice.

Romy: We can never practice enough.  I can easily take the bait and just did it last week, on why do I have to explain this again. Granted it probably was the 200th time I went over something, but it was the first time for that person I was talking to. Practice. Part of a good social enterprise is role modeling, and practice is a key to excellence. Just ask any Olympic athlete!

Natalie: Practice makes permanent

Romy: Sometimes we have to repeat ourselves a lot, do the basics

Natalie:  (say something here)

Natalie: Number 3! BE A LOVER OF OTHERS.  Be a lover of others. We don’t mean slobbering over someone in a romantic manner. In this context, we mean loving others when they aren’t acting right or loving you back.

Romy: We people don’t always act right and, often, love must be a choice. Loving others involves patience, kindness, encouragement, listening, protecting, trusting, always hoping, always persevering with them. We are not asking anyone to be a saint; we are saying make the choice to BE A LOVER! We are watching social enterprises, and impact investors make the choice to love even under extreme conditions.

Natalie: We have had a lot of people say NOT nice things about us in public, people we don’t know, but we love on them, and they become our biggest supporters.

Romy: Oh yeah. We love people.

Natalie: Remember when those people sued you and were able to take the bank accounts?

Romy: Yes,  ha, it is hard to forget. We won that, but I remember sitting in meetings about people investing millions with 0.00 in my bank account. Ha

Natalie: But, we won that false claim and made friends with them.

Romy: Yup!  Ha, that was kind of about us, wasn’t it?

Natalie: Yup, ha ha, we’ll we are pretty great too! Just sayin’… Move on?

Romy: Let’s do it!


Natalie: Number 2! BE AN INFLUENCER.

Romy: Be such an influencer that people want to copy you and steal your stuff!  Be an influencer that takes full responsibility for what they write, record, post, and speak- both privately and publicly.

Natalie: I feel pretty good, people take our stuff all of the time…

Romy: Yeah, I think we know of at least 40 times, no biggy, it is kind of an honor…ha ha

Romy: Be an influencer of good things. Just remember, the best influencers act in love.


Romy: Okay, Natalie, we need a drumroll for our Number 1 Impact Crush Behavior…..

Natalie: (drumroll….)

ep 66 twitter

Natalie Number 1! BE ANTHEMIC!  Be an Anthem. Let your story be an anthem!

If you are not certain what an anthem is, it refers to a song; a song that starts out a little bit slow and melodic and it finishes strong! Not only does it finish strong but it is usually at the top of the talent or skill level, the most it has to give, giving it all!

Romy: Let me tell you this; it doesn’t matter how you start or mess it up along the way, while you are breathing, you have a chance to finish strong, giving it your all. Be Anthemic!

Thanks, everyone! That was fun and a little silly, but we are celebrating you over here!  Most of you listeners do all of those top six, and we love you!


So, in the spirit of Anthems, we are going to close you out with the most popular closing song and artist of Season 2. This music is curated by Assemble Sound in Detroit and a great jam! Here is the song titled ‘The Anthem’ by GRIZ featuring Mike Avery.


Until next time, keep up all of the great stuff out there. Over here at Gingras Global and the Bonfires of Social Enterprise, we are boldly Impact Crushing on all of you!

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