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Garage Bands of Social Enterprise


I love garage bands. I love the whole concept of a couple of people gathering together in a small space to create some music. I love the idea of practicing a passion and trying something together. Sometimes the fun is just getting together to play. Sometimes, it is that moment when someone tries something and a discovery is made. It is in those moments that an explosion of energy happens and everyone is fed with excitement.

As we all know, some garage bands with the humblest of beginnings have gone on to become well-known and earn an income to support many!

I find myself lately referring to many of the social entrepreneurs I spend time around as ‘garage bands.’ It seems especially fitting in some of the urban areas such as Detroit where I spend a large amount of my time.

While the world calls them micro businesses or small businesses I have been affectionately referring to them as the ‘garage bands’. Oh, how I love the garage band social entrepreneur!

The collaboration, the joyful discovery of unique personal talents, the willingness to serve, and the creativity are all common threads I see energizing the scene!  They are, literally, fun to watch and listen to!

I think of a middle aged woman pumping cupcakes out of her 6ft by 8ft kitchen and selling them in local stores. She is hiring one or two people from the neighborhood creating incomes and taxes for the local economy.

How about the man who decided it was more important to help the youth in his neighborhood learn employable skills than it was to keep running his religious organization? This very man purchased a couple of lawnmowers and landscaping tools to teach the youth and clean up his neighborhood. Does it matter than he only has 3 commercial contracts to float it all? He is serving out of a garage!

How about the restaurant, barber shop, and art classes that are happening in backyards and garages? Do they qualify as legitimate businesses? You bet they do!

Lastly, just this past week I learned of my 6th social entrepreneur setting up his or her office in a garage.

The garage bands – a trend or a season? Time will show us. For now, this wonderful observance is my truth of the moment!

Forge on garage bands!

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