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About the Show

It began as a pilot.

The Bonfires of Social Enterprise podcast began in March of 2015 with an intent to document
the social enterprise development in Detroit. Host, Romy Kochan, began the journey with
storytelling in mind.

While the show primarily interviews social enterprise guests, recent segments such as Field
Notes & Tips were added so that repeating questions on specific issues from the listeners could
be addressed. The newest addition to the show is the Mailbag episode where we answer
our listener questions.

New themed programs focusing on certain segments of social solutions or business sectors are
always in development.

The show grew quickly and produced an unusually high level of listener engagement. The guests
and listeners were connecting in a whole new way. We receive emails now today from around
the globe. We receive messages of gratitude and stories that are so inspiring we want to get on
a plane and interview that listener!

It is clear that we must keep the show growing to keep up with our listeners!

About the Name

The name of the show came about organically as Romy began to use the analogy of building and keeping a bonfire lit. She used the analogy regularly as she would attempt to describe to social entrepreneurs; that they may be walking too far away from running their business and not setting proper boundaries for social missions. Additionally, of all of the analogies, she attempted, the bonfire analogy seemed to make sense to investors and business consultants around the world. So, it stuck and she became known as ‘the bonfire lady.' We know there are places in the world that do not use ' bonfires' but the illustration for training has proven effective. So, the name of the show became The Bonfires of Social Enterprise and it is truly on fire! Romy pushes the clients of Gingras Global to Olympic excellence. The man with the torch in the logo represents the fires they start and keep for Olympic performance in the space of social enterprise and impact investing.

Social Mission

We have big plans! So far, we know and can track the impact of our guests and the related needs of our listeners. We are aware it can accomplish meaningful change with storytelling and resources provision. We also understand the tremendous boost in PR for the guest featured on our show. This podcast reaches a targeted and precise audience. The big goals are: • To use the financial support given by the Patreon Patrons and Sponsors to fund two initiatives: •To give over $1million in support to social enterprises for capacity building • Create employment both long term and short term jobs including internships in all areas of show productions such as audio editing, design, show content, research, writing, social media, marketing, sales, interviewing, administration, and overall strategic planning. There is no other option for this type of employment in Michigan or the broader mid-west. Let's keep talent here! • To grow a podcast ‘Impact Network' of other podcast shows that offer good impact content and have like-minded social missions Lastly, we do plan to add on video, video-casting and other live streaming elements as we grow. We have already begun the planning.

Romy picRomy Kochan, Show Host of Bonfires of Social Enterprise

Romy is the Managing Partner of  Gingras Global Inc.  The company focus on sustainability and standards for social enterprise and impact investing.  Gingras Global is based in Michigan serving a local and global clientele.

The Gingras Global team has consistently supported the development of strong social enterprise and specializes in the for-profit financial planning and operations. G2 has successfully designed, launched, and now administer several impact investing funds, and help to administer impact investing transactions.

Romy is a published author on social enterprise and frequent guest speaker.

Prior to 2011 Gingras Global launch Romy spent 23 years in the financial industry consulting both corporate clients and small start-up business owners on financial sustainability, best practices, and operational efficiency. She has a strong expertise in investment and financial planning methodologies.


Upcoming Episodes

Episode #100 The 2018 GUS Awards Red Carpet Interviews with Romy and Natalie

Episode #101 Nicholas Kristock

Episode #102 Samoy Smith

Episode #103 Randy Paynter of Care2


Episode #104 Nick Kastros of Open Discussion Apparel


mailbag_imageThe Mailbag

Submit a question! As soon as we have at least 6 questions, we will answer the questions on a separate episode dedicated to our listeners! Listeners are able to submit a question for Romy or any one of the monthly segments or industry experts.

We have been answering your questions via email. We will continue to communicate with our listeners behind the scenes. We truly believe, that by answering your questions on air, many will benefit because your questions are great!