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Season 1: Field Notes- Taking The Bait#22

This is another podcast by the Bonfires of Social Enterprise, and Romy Gingras of Gingras Global, that’s filed under “Field Notes and Tips.” We hope you enjoy listening to Romy Gingras’”Bait of the New Grape.”

In this episode of the Bonfires of Social Enterprise Romy talks about business owners, who focus on social goals, trying to do too much with the resources they have. In the case of those who run social enterprises, the bait of doing even more “good” or fulfilling more of the needs of their clients, with the hours and money they already have can be irresistable. Unfortunately, spreading yourself too thin can be disasterous, and can bankrupt your business. Romy discusses how to stay focussed and organized as you work toward your primary objectivies, while acknowledging that creative people often get tempted to bite off more than they can chew.

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She also explains the need for collecting data, and takes the fear out of the term,

Natural Data

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