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Season 1: Marion Janner United Kingdom#36

Marion who has mental illness and her support dog Buddy

Marion who has mental illness and her support dog Buddy


Founder of Star Wards and Wardepedia

The Bonfires of Social Enterprise talked to the North London based, one-woman dynamo, behind the social enterprise called Star Wards. Marion Janner and Bonfires-lady Romy Gingras, talk about how mental healthcare providers throughout the United Kingdom have come to embrace Star Wards as a benchmark for creating positive workplaces for health care practitioners, and patients.

Currently, Star Wards is funded by a group of charities that are devoted to its mission. They include British-based Comic Relief, The Allen Lane Foundation, London’s Department of Health, to name but a few.
Marion Janner says she’s in debt to The Guardian Newspaper, which, last year, named it as one of nine mental health-related charities in its annual Christmas charity appeal.

Listen in as Romy and Marion talk about a Guardian article, “The Buddy Effect, Improving mental health treatment, one pet at a time.” Buddy isn’t just Janner’s dog, but Star Ward’s chief mascot, and honorary editor of Star Wards’ online wiki called Wardepedia , a free resource of positive ideas for change for inpatient mental health wards.

Marion Jenner credits Henry Stewart, the founder of London-based business training company called Happy for validating her positive approach to empowering mental healthcare-inpatient service providers to make the changes they need to keep staff and patient morale up. A better work environment for mental health care practitioners gets better outcomes for patients.

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