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Season 1: Play-Place for Autistic Children#27


Sterling Heights, Michigan Non-Profit Brings Community Together

The Bonfires of Social Enterprise visited the non-profit social enterprise The Play-Place for Autistic Children. Host Romy Gingras talked with Shell Jones, who is President and CEO of this facility located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Jones shared what inspired the idea for Play-Place and her goals for the future. The facility is meant to be a safe place where children and their parents are free to play, relax, and relate to those who understand the challenges of living with and raising a child on the Autism spectrum. Romy gained an understanding about the various revenue streams this social enterprise is developing, and the services they provide.

Shell Jones says she looked for a place that would encourage social involvement of her son who is on the Autism Spectrum near where she lives. But, she came to the realization that the teaching by play concept place that she desired wasn’t available. So, she set out to create a special place that caters not only to the kids, but also to all members of their families. Bonfires host Romy Gingras explores the commercial and union enterprises, teachers and social scients who are donating time, treasure and talent to build The Play-Place for Autistic Children.

Shell Jones can be reached via The Play-Place for Autistic Children’s website Facebook page, and on Twitter

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