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Season 1: SPLT Rideshare#23


Romy Gingras, host of the Bonfires of Social Enterprise, introduces us to the team behind a brand new app,SPLT Rideshare. Splitting Fares. She met them through an organization called Techstars Mobility, which is mentorship driven business incubator, with locations in cities throughout the U.S. Romy’s venture into the field found her in Ford Field, the Detroit home of Techstars, and SPLT Rideshare.

You can sign up for the app, which is available for both iOS and Android. here: It’s born from a handful of premises including: you want to know who you’ll be sharing the small space of a car ride with; you want them vetted; you want to avoid having to buy your own car in the future because you’re a millenial and you live in a city. We hope you enjoy Romy’s round table discussion with SPLT founder and CEO Anya Babbitt, co-founder and COO Matt Farris, CTO Yale Zhang and the director of product development Ben McMillan.

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