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Welcome to your website!


NOTE: Once you are finished with this page, you can simply delete it.

At the moment, your website is empty save for a series of plugins and dummy content that has been installed to help you through the setup process.

That’s great though, it means that you can make your website your own right from the get go!

Where to start?

Here’s what we’d recommend doing first:

  1. Complete the 3 step fundamentals setup from your podcast dashboard to configure:
    • Some basic settings
    • Your podcast show
    • Your podcast player
  2. Customize your website design (e.g. colours, logo)
  3. Head to the ever-expanding Knowledgebase to find out how to:
    • Make your website unique with the Podcast Websites Page Builder
    • Work with Widgets & Widget Areas
    • Get your podcast ready for iTunes
    • …and so much more!
  4. Take a look at how to manage your website’s content by getting started with:

Thank you for creating with Podcast Websites.